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I just want to extend another thank you to the staff & especially, Dr. Josie Mallinckrodt at BEVS for the incredible care that was provided to my dog Benny.  Since we have returned home, Benny has seen two different doctors, who have commented on the difficult surgery & the quality of care he received while at BEVS.  Josie called every day for over a week to follow up on Benny’s status and continued to offer medical advice despite the fact that we had already returned home to Connecticut.  I have owned pets my entire life & have dealt with many veterinary offices & hospitals & have never experienced anything like the care that your staff provided.  Benny got his stitches out today & is happy to be back in his favorite spot on the sofa.  He is doing incredibly well & we are lucky to have him alive thanks to all of you.

Best Wishes,

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