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As Vermont’s only specialty and 24/7 emergency animal hospital, Burlington Emergency & Veterinary Specialists (BEVS) provides a level of care you simply won’t find anyplace else in the state.

From expert emergency and critical care 24 hours a day to advanced veterinary specialty and referral services—including surgery, internal medicine, oncology, rehabilitation, radioiodine therapy, and acupuncture—BEVS animal hospital is a trusted partner not only to you and your pet, but also to the region’s primary care veterinarians.

Our board-certified internal medicine, oncology, and surgery specialists are available by appointment Monday through Friday 8AM–5PM.

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If you are concerned or unsure if your pet needs emergency care, please call us at (802) 863-2387.  If your dog or cat ingested something poisonous please call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680 for help immediately!

Greetings all,

Friday Coinin went for his two week at home check up. He is doing PHENOMENALLY well. He is playing and running and being a dog. He still has some trouble remember where his back legs need to go while he is running but he seems to make it work. His sister is thrilled beyond belief to have him home and to be able to play with her.

We want to thank you for all your hard work saving our miracle boy. We couldnt possibly be more grateful.

With great gratitude,

Ken and Deb

Dr. Harnett,

Our thank you is long overdue but until the medication was over with, I hesitated to feel overconfident about Buffy.

We wanted you to know he is doing well. Of course, we owe it all to you. You told me you gave him extra blood and I keep thinking that sure had to help him. It sure gave me hope.

I am also very grateful to your assistant, who was kind enough to let me hold Buffy while he was having the blood transfusion. She was such a remarkable person to realize the importance of Buff seeing someone he loved while he was in such a state.

Also, his allergies used to be so bad he had to be on shots. Remarkably, although he still has problems, giving him a quarter of prednisone each day is holding him off the shots. If ever you could volunteer any information in that area to help him, please feel free to do so.

We are hoping he can hold off this winter. In the summer, because he is allergic to most grasses and other growing things, we expect his allergies to be more severe.

Anyway, I have enclosed some photos of him and our dove, who is about 12 years old. He loves Buffy.  Also photos of our other dogs who he watches over. They are all females.


We are forever grateful to you and Dr. Whitney.

Ruth & Curtis

My boyfriend and I were at your facility on Saturday (9/15) with our yellow lab Macy. She was brought in because she was having trouble delivering her pups. The doctor that was there for us was Dr. Rachel Morgan. Macy delivered a total of 4 pups with only 2 surviving and as of today Macy and her pups are doing great and we are so thankful for that. We would like to thank all of your staff there that night but most importantly we would like to thank Dr. Morgan who was there for us, she went above and beyond with her kind and caring mannerism to make sure Macy and her pups were taken care of.. Thank you Dr. Morgan again for everything you did that night!


Shannon & Eric