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Emergency and Critical Care at BEVS

24/7 Emergency Veterinarians in Williston, VT

Our 24-hour facility is equipped with lifesaving technology and supplies needed for managing all types of pet emergencies. In fact, we’re the only animal hospital in Chittenden County with a veterinarian and technician on-site around the clock so your pet is never left alone.

Critical Care in Williston, VT

When it matters most, our team of skilled and experienced emergency veterinarians and internists is committed to providing advanced critical care for your pets. Ill and injured pets that need specialized 24-hour critical care will receive support in our ICU. Whether your furry best friend requires intensive monitoring, specialized diagnostics, or round-the-clock assistance, our experienced and compassionate team is here to provide the highest level of support. BEVS provides care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in one state-of-the-art facility.


The emergency services we provide include…

  • An in-house diagnostic laboratory for rapid test results
  • A sophisticated digital radiography system that makes X-ray images available immediately, often reducing the need to sedate most patients for imaging. Plus, board-certified radiologists are available 24/7 to aid in interpretation if needed.
  • FAST ultrasound (focused assessment with sonography for trauma), a rapid bedside ultrasound exam to screen for blood or fluid around the heart or abdominal organs after trauma, or identify tumors or foreign bodies. Comprehensive ultrasounds are available Monday–Thursday with the Internal Medicine Department.
  • Emergency surgery for those instances where immediate intervention is necessary such as wound repair, GDV (bloat), intestinal foreign body removal, C-sections and several other abdominal surgeries.
  • Endoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure using a tiny video camera attached to the end of a flexible or rigid tube that allows direct examination of inside hollow organs to find and extract foreign bodies.
  • Toxicity treatment when a pet ingests a chemical or other potentially harmful substance.


  • Oxygen therapy for respiratory distress, which can escalate quickly. Our oxygen cage uses advanced technology to provide the proper level of oxygen, temperature, and humidity for your pet while they are being stabilized.
  • Transfusion therapy, used to treat such emergency conditions as trauma, heat stroke, parvovirus, auto-immune disease, and certain poison ingestions. We stock units of packed red blood cells, as well as frozen and fresh plasma for dogs and cats, ensuring the availability of these blood products at all times.
  • Blood pressure monitoring, with two systems for monitoring: oscillometric and Doppler. The oscillometric system gathers computer -generated readings, while the Doppler system uses an ultrasound crystal probe to detect blood pressure by sound frequency changes. Our technical staff is skilled in both techniques and is able to provide doctors with timely updates on a patient’s blood pressure changes.
  • Intensive care for critically ill pets, including advanced monitoring with dedicated, specially trained personnel overseeing each patient.


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Our dedicated and highly trained team of emergency veterinarians and technicians is here to help. Contact us if your pet is experiencing a medical emergency.

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