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Radioiodine Protocols

Radioiodine Protocols

Preparing and referring your feline patient for their I-131 appointment at BEVS

Our board-certified specialists are trained to provide feline patients with radioactive iodine for use in correcting hormone levels without the need for surgery or daily medication. To ensure a smooth referral process and to create a foundation for a successful outcome, please adhere to our protocols:

1-2 Weeks Prior:

  • If the cat is on methimazole, it must be discontinued 7-10 days prior to treatment.
  • 2 view (VD and lateral) whole body radiographs must be completed. This can be done at your office* (no more than 3 weeks before appoint­ment) or here at BEVS on day of exam.
    *Forward radiographs along with the referral to info@bevsvt.com prior to the appointment.
  • If the cat is on a thyroid diet, it must be discontinued min. 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Patients must be current on rabies vaccination.

Morning of:

  • Please prescribe gabapentin for the owner to give the night before and morning of the appointment.
  • The cat must be fasted the morning of the appointment (except for the gabapentin).

Day of Exam at BEVS:

  • Full chemistry, CBC, T4, +/- UA (if azotemic) will be done on day of appointment by the BEVS team.
  • If significant cardiac issues are noted on exam, such as arrhythmia, visible cardiac changes on radiographs and/or 3-6 heart murmur, this will warrant echocardiogram.

Treatments are scheduled Monday-Wednesday.

To make an I-131 referral, please submit through the Referring Veterinarian Portal on our website or call 802.863.2387.

Our state-of-the art radioiodine room is equipped with cat condos, each with separate space for litter, sleeping and eating. The room also features windows with a view of bird feeders for entertainment throughout their stay.

Federal law requires treated cats remain in strict radioactive isolation during their treatment. During this time period, clients are not allowed to have direct visitation with their cat. They can, however, make use of our Virtual Visit web cameras directly on our website.

To download this information as a PDF, please click here.

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