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heroes wanted!

Give Blood. Give Life.
Your dog can be a hero through the BEVS Blood Donor Program.
It’s painless, easy, and fast… And rewarding in so many ways.

Just like humans, pets sometimes need blood or blood products. That’s why our commitment to the best care possible includes BEVS’ Blood Donor Program, giving our staff immediate access to critical blood resources and products when needed.

Our highly experienced team, led by Bryan Harnett, DVM, DACVIM and Jen Hall, CVT, VTS (SAIM) are committed to ensuring availability of blood products to provide the critical care a pet may need due to illness or serious injury. Your pet’s contribution can help make sure that we always have enough on hand.

We are not excepting new donors until January 2021

Due to the generosity of our pet families and their pets, as of May 2020, our blood bank is full. Therefore, we will not be accepting new canine blood donors until 2021. Thank you to all who have supported our blood donor program! 

Canine Donor Requirements:

  • Calm and friendly temperament
  • Healthy adults weighing at least 55 pounds
  • Between the ages of one and six years old
  • Current on all vaccinations
  • Not on medications other than preventative flea/tick and heartworm
  • Negative for all screening infectious disease pathogens (performed at time of 1st donor exam)
  • Owner is willing to commit to 1 year in the donor program (4 donations, +/- ER donation)

Eligible canine blood donors (heroes!) are guaranteed a comfortable, treat- and love-filled, positive experience by our attentive and compassionate team. The process itself typically takes only 10-15 minutes (plus some additional time afterwards to monitor them while they eat a snack and rest). Most dogs aren’t even tired afterwards!

Donor Rewards:

  • A complimentary and thorough physical examination at each donation
  • A comprehensive blood screening, including a copy of all lab work for your records
  • Free blood typing in case your pet ever needs emergency care or a blood transfusion
  • Free blood transfusion should your pet ever need one, receiving one unit of blood for every unit donated
  • Donor highlighted on social media
  • “I’m a Hero” bandana
  • Reward treats and toys
  • Photo of donor attached to the unit of blood given to a recipient
  • A $250 Blood Donor Reward Card* that can be used at BEVS for any service (emergency, internal medicine, surgery, and/or oncology) *upon completion of 4 annual donations

Extra Bonus! BEVS partners with your family veterinarian to help ensure your pet’s wellness.
Each donor will also receive a yearly stipend in the amount of $150 to assist in maintaining the wellness criteria that our donors must uphold. This stipend is made payable to your primary care veterinarian as payment towards required wellness services such as annual physical examination, blood work, vaccines, heartworm preventative, and flea and tick preventative.

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