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Lab & Pharmacy Veterinary Technician

Now Hiring A Lab & Pharmacy Veterinary Technician

Burlington Emergency Veterinary Specialists (BEVS) is seeking an experienced Veterinary Technician to assist in our Laboratory and Pharmacy.

Job Description

The Lab and Pharmacy Veterinary Technician fills prescriptions and laboratory requests from veterinary technicians and veterinarians, with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.


  • Maintains knowledge of pharmaceutical products, including contraindications, side effects, and dispensing and handling procedures
  • Pulls and accurately fills prescription requests from the veterinary management system
  • Sets up and runs lab samples (e.g., fecal, cytology, and blood work)
  • Keeps pharmacy, and lab areas clean and stocked
  • Understands and is able to assist Inventory Manager with cycle counting and inventory management system
  • Maintains inventory by checking pharmaceutical stock, anticipates needed medications and supplies, verifies receipts, and removes outdated drugs
  • Protects patients and employees by adhering to infection-control policies and protocols
  • Dispenses by reading medication orders and prescriptions, prepares labels, calculates quantities, and assembles intravenous solutions and other pharmaceutical therapies
  • Maintains records by recording and filing veterinarians’ orders and prescriptions
  • Generates revenue by calculating, recording, and issuing charges
  • Is flexible to meet current and newly identified needs as necessary
  • Minimizes non-productive time and fills slow periods to get things done or assist others in the hospital.
  • Consistently takes the initiative to make decisions and choices without direct supervision
  • Is familiar with the hazards that may be present in the lab and pharmacy areas (including airborne pathogens) as well as demonstrate proper use of PPE
  • Understand ergonomics as it pertains to the position and how to minimize the risk associated with daily tasks and avoid personal injury


  • Organization
  • Strong attention to detail: Commitment to extreme accuracy and double-checking work
  • Strong communication skills: Including the ability to actively listen, stay organized, prioritize samples and prescriptions, and communicate effectively
  • Confidence: Must feel comfortable and confident in following up with the veterinarians and staff on questions that arise regarding patient medications (dosages, directions, quantity, etc.)
  • Extreme comfort with technology: Ability to troubleshoot software on own (including veterinary software, label makers, printers, and online pharmacy)


  • High School diploma
  • Veterinary assistant for a minimum of 1 year or proven experience as a pharmacy technician
  • Knowledge of medication and dosage measurement
  • Complete 7 hours of CE training per year with at least 4 hours related directly to the pharmacy (new drugs, laws and regulations, inventory management, etc.)
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician a plus!

BEVS Employee Benefits

BEVS provides a rewarding employment opportunity where you work alongside a very talented and dedicated group of veterinarians and technicians in a growing hospital that holds patient care in the highest regard.

  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical and dental insurance
  • Paid-time-off and paid holidays
  • Disability Insurance
  • 401(k) plan with a company match
  • Continuing education
  • Uniform allowance
  • Employee assistance
  • Paid volunteer day-off
  • Employee pet care discount

Additionally, BEVS is a great place to grow professionally with opportunities to advance as a Veterinary Technician Specialist and develop higher-level veterinary nursing skills.

If you are interested in utilizing all of your skills and want to work in this exciting, team-oriented environment, please email your resume to jobs@bevsvt.websitepro.hosting with the subject line, Lab and Pharmacy Veterinary Technician. 

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