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November 12, 2013

To BEVS, Especially Dr. Harnett, Katie & Michelle,

Thank you so much to everyone at BEVS, especially Dr. Harnett for providing us with guidance around Bruschi’s new and difficult new diagnoses, Katie for treating Bruschi and interacting with him the same way we do and understanding his huskyisms and Michelle for saving his life when he was in crisis, without you he wouldn’t be here today.  Everyone at BEVS was so helpful and supportive and was patient with the numerous daily phone [calls] we made to check-in on Bruschi and ask a million questions.  Also, thank you for continuing to be a support even recently, while home, when we weren’t sure about his symptoms and how to best treat him.  His diagnoses aren’t easy but with all the support and information we’ve been given we feel more confident in our ability to care for him and provide him with the best quality of life possible, especially now that we got a positive test result for MG.  We couldn’t be happier with the level of care he received at BEVS and if we have any serious issues in the future we won’t think twice about where to take our dogs.

Thank you again from all of us, 

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