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We wanted to thank BEVS for everything they have done for our dog, Narley.  Narley encountered a Porcupine a few months ago and ended up with a ton of quills.  Two quills migrated and managed to puncture his lung.  With the help of BEVS, we had to get him to Tufts where he was in the ICU for 5 days after they had to remove about 30% of his lung.  He did so well during the surgery and returned home to recover.  We knew that the worst was behind, but that quills could possibly continue to surface over the next few months and it would be important to get them out if possible.  We have had to make lots of visits to BEVS since the surgery but they are finally slowing down!  Every time we have had to come in we have worked with the nicest vets who genuinely care about our dog’s recovery.  The staff at the front desk is always friendly, helpful, and attentive.  I often need to call for questions, and I appreciate the staff’s patience and kindness, and the fact that they all pretty much know Narley by now!  Narley is doing great and is back to his normal self, running around and playing with his friends!  This was certainly an unusual situation, and we’re so lucky that BEVS is around to make sure our dog stays healthy!  Thank you so much for everything and for caring so much about Narley!

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