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To Dr. Harnett & staff,

This is a long overdue update and thank you for the care you gave to my kitty Cleo.

Back in late January I brought my very sick kitty to Bevs with no idea what was wrong with her. Dr. Harnett quickly diagnosed her with having low potassium levels. The next morning he found the cause was a growth on her adrenal gland.

After I decided surgery, because of her age, was out of the question she was put on a daily regimen of potassium supplements and spironolactone to control the problem. I give her the powered form of the potassium, mix it in her food and she doesn’t even know its there. Much better than having to give her the caplets 2 – 3 times a day!  I am happy to say that after almost three months she is doing quite well.  Even though we don’t know what tomorrow will bring or how much longer she will be with us, today, as most days, she is happy & content (and right now snoring up a storm as she sleeps on the back of the sofa).

Again, thank you Dr. Harnett and to everyone who cared for and about my Cleo.

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