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Puppy sleeping on bed

BEVS took care of my little pup Korra back in mid-December. She was a rescue and I’d only had her a few days when she came down with parvo. She was impossibly tiny (8 lbs) and so, so sick. I didn’t think she would make it. You saved her life. She’s now a healthy and happy 6-month-old and about 22 lbs. Full of life and energy. Thank you for saving my little one.

Testimonial about BEVS oncology

Dear Joanna, Emily, & BEVS staff,

In light of our cat Koal passing away this August, we wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for your compassion and all the hard work you do. Being available by phone and allowing us to visit him before his surgery was such a comfort to us. Thank you for helping us understand Koal’s diagnosis better and showing us how to care for him during his recovery. Thank you for always showering him with affection. We knew he was in good hands during every chemo appointment.

Thanks to all who worked with Koal. You truly gave him a new life. Because of you, he had another year and a half of being as happy and healthy as we’ve ever known him to be. We had twice as much time with him than we would have had otherwise. After his surgery, he had another two summers of hanging out with us outside, snuggles, catnip, and all sorts of good memories.

We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done!

John & Aislynn

Merlot was a BEVS ER patient TWICE in only two months, back in 2006. First in November, for respiratory infection (inhaling Lysol spray) and again in December, for a concussion after she dove under a treadmill. We really didn’t expect her to see her first birthday, with all the issues she had in her young life, but she made it! (Knock on wood!) And she is doing great 13 years later.

THANKS for being there when we needed you!!

Bev Calderoni

Dear Bryan,

Many thanks to you and your kind gift to the foodbank last month – what a difference you are making! Thank you for caring about a neighbor, student, senior and family in need. Our community is stronger because of you.

Many Thanks,

Vermont Foodbank

Just a note to let you know that “Puppy Trenkle” (we hadn’t even had him long enough to name him) is recovering very well from Parvo this week since his discharge from BEVS last Tuesday.  Every day he improves with his appetite, energy, playfulness and stools.  We don’t think he’s completely normal yet, but he continues to make forward progress.  He really likes to bite noses and ears, his appetite is getting really good, he likes to be with his people, that is, if he’s not with his people, he throws quite the tantrum!  He loves playing with his toys and loves to snuggle after a good meal.  And he finally has a name!!  Named after the fearless and noble Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, I introduce to you, “Obi”.  Attached are a few pictures.  I’ve said it before but have to say it again.  We would not be with our beloved Obi if it weren’t for your hard work, care, dedication and love.  A million thanks to all of you.

Warm regards,

Zoey Trenkle and Christy Wigant

Dear Dr. Schmit,

I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for the quality of health care you and your staff administered to our beloved Sydnee and especially the out pouring of compassion, not only for her but for Barbara and myself. You, Dr. Lynch and the entire staff showed profound loving kindness, sensitivity and sincerity throughout Sydnee’s brief but devastating illness. She was blessed to have had you and all the people at BEVS in her care.

With much love and gratitude,

Stephen and Barbara

Nance and I want to thank you all for the kindness and the expert care you extended to our beloved 12-year-old Golden Retriever, Tuck, on April 29. None of us expected this to be his last day, but it was so. We have no doubt that we made the right decision, especially for him, a decision guided by direct and clear communication from the operating room during surgery. From the moment we entered BEVS, we were treated beautifully, with care and respect. Everyone on your staff was flawless – including Dr. Emily Picciotto and Helia Zamprogno, Katie Fitzpatrick, James Mackey, and everyone else we dealt with at what unexpectedly turned into a very, very difficult situation. You all were, for want of a better term, angels of mercy when we needed angels. The sadness we feel remains as does out gratitude for guiding us through those difficult moments.

Thank you so much,

Tyrone and Nancy

“It was a total surprise to leave BEVS without Zeke; however, we could not have asked for a better experience. Dr. Halpin’s honesty regarding the effectiveness of care in Zeke’s situation was greatly appreciated, and we had plenty of time to say good-bye. This was especially helpful to our young daughter who needed to go through a more extensive grieving process. My husband just handed me a beautiful box and it took me a while to realize it was Zeke’s ashes. What a gorgeous box! We’ve always had to wander downtown Burlington for hours to find something as nice..not a fun experience. This was a very nice service!”


Tricia - So. Burlington

This past January Dr Amy Cordner and staff performed an ultrasound and guided needle aspiration of a deep abdominal node on my eight year old service dog, Barley. The diagnosis was lymphoma. Due to his age I opted against surgical resection of the node, electing instead to begin the CHOP protocol hoping it was the more treatable B-cell variety and not the aggressive T-cell lymphoma that had taken a previous dog from me far too young.

Barley responded to chemo almost immediately. He finished the protocol in July and we were able to enjoy a motorcycle trip to Montana together. He is something of a celebrity in the long-distance motorcycling community and hundreds of riders followed his battle with cancer. Attending the BMW Rally in Billings was therapeutic for him, and I wanted to circle around to thank all of you for the fast diagnosis that gave him the opportunity to see all of his friends again. We’re not sure how long remission will last, but we cherish every day, every ride. Barley now has over 55,000 sidecar miles under his collar.

With eternal gratitude,


Peter and Barley

Thank you more than words can say. Moe is mostly back to his normal self. We know we nearly lost him this weekend, and couldn’t be more grateful to you for caring for him when we couldn’t. Picture is from this morning during our annual 1st day of school photos.  This is his best smile.

We brought our black lab Waylon in this past Sunday evening for urgent care.  We have had previous experiences with your facility and staff, in person and telephonically, and have always received outstanding care. This past visit was nothing but awesome as well. We want to thank you for providing Waylon, and us, with professional, compassionate, wonderful care.  As a healthcare professional I feel I am a fairly good judge of quality healthcare. I continue to be impressed by your staff and facility.

Thank you again! Waylon is feeling much better and has pretty much returned to baseline!

Keep up the wonderful work!

Steven, Carol, and Waylon Palmer

Hi BEVS staff,

Thanks for all of your efforts to save our dog Kiska. Two weeks out and he’s looking great. We took a walk in the woods this morning and then the dogs fell asleep on the couch. Can’t believe that he is alive at all, let alone doing as well as he is.

All of his smaller wounds have formed scabs, and the hole in his side is so much smaller and shows no sign of infection so far. He is scheduled to see his local vet again on Monday for a rabies booster. The hope is that he keeps going in the same direction.

Thank you for helping him when he was in such desperate need. Thanks for the kindness you showed to our whole family.

Take care,



I just received the nicest card from all of you regarding my dog Macy!  When I left your facility after putting Macy to sleep,  I couldn’t stop thinking about how nice and professional the whole staff was.  Looking back at that night,   I could have never imagined having to go through that and how hard it was…  But honestly , as hard as it was,  and knowing the decision had to be made,  I know I couldn’t have been with anyone better in the process.  Everyone was so nice and considerate and helped to  make the process  and decision acceptable. It’s a strange feeling ,  but What little time I spent with all of you built a bond that feels like family…  I have such a profound sense of respect for all of you and I know ,  this is all part of owning and loving a dog…  But I also know without a doubt – There is nowhere that could ever compare – for a place that I send my dog to heaven!!  You are all the best at what you do!!

Thank you so much,

Madeline,  Melissa and Aaron

To Dr. Harnett & staff,

This is a long overdue update and thank you for the care you gave to my kitty Cleo.

Back in late January I brought my very sick kitty to Bevs with no idea what was wrong with her. Dr. Harnett quickly diagnosed her with having low potassium levels. The next morning he found the cause was a growth on her adrenal gland.

After I decided surgery, because of her age, was out of the question she was put on a daily regimen of potassium supplements and spironolactone to control the problem. I give her the powered form of the potassium, mix it in her food and she doesn’t even know its there. Much better than having to give her the caplets 2 – 3 times a day!  I am happy to say that after almost three months she is doing quite well.  Even though we don’t know what tomorrow will bring or how much longer she will be with us, today, as most days, she is happy & content (and right now snoring up a storm as she sleeps on the back of the sofa).

Again, thank you Dr. Harnett and to everyone who cared for and about my Cleo.


Dr. Harnett,

I don’t know what we would have done without you.  You made this experience bearable.  Your kindness and care for Thea helped me so much.  I can’t express with words how honored and blessed I feel with the care she received by you and your staff.  She loved going there; I felt safe with her in your care.  Thank you for being the wonderful person you are and the amazing doctor you are too.  We were so lucky to have you!  You are the best!

Autumn Noble, Todd, and Mister

Just wanted to say thank you for great care our dog Milo received last night at BEVS.  Dr. Zolotusky was wonderful as was the rest of the staff. Fortunately, it turned out to be a minor issue but we are very grateful for the quick and thorough care he received.  We are very lucky to have a place like BEVS in our community,

Thanks again,

LuAnn, Erik  and Milo

Dear Dr. Harnett and Dr. Donovan,

We want to thank you for the care and compassion given to Baylee while under your care.  She was a very special girl and she received special care from you.  Also, thank you for your thoughtfulness by remembering Baylee with a donation to the ACVIM Foundation.  We really appreciate it.  Also, special thanks to Katie and the rest of the staff along with Drs. Harnett and Donovan.  We believe Baylee thought she was coming for a visit with friends and those who loved her.  She seemed happy to be there and always willing to go for treatment.  Thanks again.

Dear Team Veterinary Emergency Service,

Sir Webley Bunting here, would like to Thank You All, for the care you have given him July 14th. He is well on his way to recovery from pneumonia.  Today he was able to go on his daily walk  twice, of 1/2 mile path trail and felt like eating blackberries on his way back to the house.

Thank you, Emergency Team, for your 24/7 care of him.

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Bunting

Dear BEVS Doctors and Staff,

Thank you for being there when we needed you. Thank you for being up all night caring for Ginger after her accident. Thank you for answering our calls at all hours during her follow-up care at home, and for your reassurance that we were caring for her properly. She is back to her happy, bouncy self and we are forever grateful to all of you.

With love and many dog kisses from,

Ginger, Sally, Emma, Dan & Casey

Thank you to the whole team who took care of Ellie!

We wanted to thank all doctors and staff who have been involved with “Pandora’s” care. It is reassuring to know that help is available 24/7 during such a difficult time in our lives. Pandora has been my world for over 17 years and not one moment has been taken for granted. She is my hero and I treasure every day I have left with her. I hope that we will not see you again anytime soon, but just in case…we are glad, you are there.

Our best,

Lynn & Pandora

My husband Jeff & I wanted to express our sincere thanks for the kindness and excellent care you gave to our cat Izik (and us!) Wednesday night.  Your communications about what was happening and possible scenarios (medically and financially) were provided with clarity and sensitivity.  Extra special thanks to Lupe, Justa, and Dr. Hecimovich, and the woman at the front desk yesterday when I picked up his body.  As sad as we were to not be able to be there for his last few minutes, we know he was surrounded by warm and caring people.


Julia & Jeff

Dear Dr. Harnett, Katie, Katherine, Michelle, Whitney, Jen and everyone who has given me caring & love at BEVS… This is me, begging with my eyes for my mom to take me for a swim. Guess what? I LOVE SWIMMING! (…and eating, burp)! Now that you’ve helped me get better, I am going to jump in every puddle, river & lake I see this summer and love every minute of life. (I think my family knows this about me). Thank you sooo much for helping me to feel better and bringing my family so much happiness!!! Love,

Ada Riggen

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for taking such good care of our 11 yellow lab puppies. All are doing quite well! Gus and Bonnie have just gone to their new homes and others are following soon. It is quite amazing, you would never know they were sick! So thanks!! on my trip to your clinic that day I was not hopeful for such a great outcome! Thanks again! 


Dear Dr. Harnett, Thank you SO much for your thoughtful donation made to the ACVIM Foundation on behalf of my beloved Molly. I am having such a difficult time dealing with Molly’s death—she was that “once in a lifetime” pet. We had a very special bond and I miss her terribly. As hard as it is for me to deal with my grief, it comforts me to know that she received such wonderful care from you and your staff. I know that everything possible was done for her. You are a special person and I will always remember the extreme effort made by you in an attempt to pull her through. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for ALL you did!! 

Lynette Brand

Dear Dr. Harnett and Dr. Mallinckrodt:

Russell and I can’t thank you enough for giving our Pipsqueak more time with us.  He recovered well and is like his old self again, jumping, running, playing and being his little spunky self.  Because of the wonderful care you and your staff gave him, we are cherishing every day with him.  Bringing him to your hospital was the best decision we could have made.  We wish you Happy Holidays from the bottom of our hearts.

Russell & Sheila

Gypsy Rose is doing well following your expert treatment on Sunday evening. Yesterday her drain tube was removed by Dr. Carroll at Chelsea Animal Hospital and her recovery appears normal at this point in time. Her sutures are scheduled to be removed on Feb. 18 at 3 PM. Bill and I are so very appreciative of your skills and thoughtful care. Bill found the stick, complete with Gypsy Rose’s fur, in two pieces and it looks like all of the parts were on the ground. Thanks Dr. Banks for your thorough exploratory work. We are grateful that surgery was uncomplicated. Vermont communities are fortunate to have BEVS. Sincerely,

Bill and Cheryl and especially Gypsy Rose and her buddy Tiger Lily

Thank you for saving my life this week and for phoning yesterday to see how I was doing. You were a real angel to me. I’m looking forward to many more years of a happy life, thanks to your care. Gratefully, 

Molly White

Dr. Harnett,

Our thank you is long overdue but until the medication was over with, I hesitated to feel overconfident about Buffy.

We wanted you to know he is doing well. Of course, we owe it all to you. You told me you gave him extra blood and I keep thinking that sure had to help him. It sure gave me hope.

I am also very grateful to your assistant, who was kind enough to let me hold Buffy while he was having the blood transfusion. She was such a remarkable person to realize the importance of Buff seeing someone he loved while he was in such a state.

Also, his allergies used to be so bad he had to be on shots. Remarkably, although he still has problems, giving him a quarter of prednisone each day is holding him off the shots. If ever you could volunteer any information in that area to help him, please feel free to do so.

We are hoping he can hold off this winter. In the summer, because he is allergic to most grasses and other growing things, we expect his allergies to be more severe.

Anyway, I have enclosed some photos of him and our dove, who is about 12 years old. He loves Buffy.  Also photos of our other dogs who he watches over. They are all females.


We are forever grateful to you and Dr. Whitney.

Ruth & Curtis

I wanted to send everyone at BEVS an email to let you know how grateful my fiancé and I are for everyone that participated in saving our little Ciel’s life.

We brought her in a couple of months ago after she was attacked by one of our other dogs and seemed to be in not-so-good shape. After spending the night for observation, her health seemed to worsen when everyone was hoping she would be good to go the next day. It seemed as though anything that could go wrong with her health did because of the trauma she suffered to her neck. She battled with fever, swelling, not being able to eat, low white blood cell count, and finally pneumonia in both lungs. As the days went on we became more and more terrified that we were going to lose her. We stayed up for days just holding onto every bit of hope we had so that our little Ciel could come home. After the 3rd night of her observation & treatment, she finally started to eat food again little by little and her attitude started getting better as well. After walking on eggshells for days, not sure, if she was going to make it, there was finally light at the end of the tunnel. On the morning of the fifth day, we were able to bring her home. She was not up to 100% yet, but she battled a lot while she was in the hospital. After many days of close observation, handling her with gloves, and giving her the prescribed medication, she was back to herself in no time.

I cannot say thank you enough to Josie Mallinckrodt, Tom Hecimovich, and all the staff that watched over our baby while she was there. You see, we do not have any children. Our dogs are our kids, so you can imagine how painful it was for us to be unsure if our Ciel was going to make it.

We are so grateful for everyone who helped bring our Ciel home.


The Ashline’s

The Entire Staff at BEVS,

David and I want to express our many thanks for your drive to get our Koda (our little man) better! Everyone fought a good hard battle!! We have a huge hole in our hearts that will never be the same, but he is at peace. Thank you all for everything!

God Bless!

David, Cyndi & Chloe Ann (Koda’s sister)

Dear Dr. Harnett,

This note is long overdue but no less heartfelt. Thank you and the rest of the BEVS staff for making my short and extremely painful loss of my beloved Miss Edna cat bearable. All of the staff at Green Mountain Animal Hospital, Mill Hill Pet Crematory, my family and friends showed me that true kindness and compassion is very much alive and well, and goes far beyond the extra ordinary professional training and tasks. While I still cry often from missing her, I have a new stray named Fitz and my other 3 felines, I am left with knowing how much some people care. It helps all of us.


Dr. Josie Mallinckrodt,

We cannot thank you enough for helping us with Lizzie, from her care after the diagnosis to assisting her to a peaceful heaven. The decision was difficult, but now we know she is with her litter mate-brother, Linus and our Golden Denali who she loved dearly. We feel an enormous loss & know it will take time to adjust to her absence. The card and kind words you articulated so well, spoke to exactly what she was and that was gentle and loving. Your kindness of coming to our home and being here to help all of us, speaks volumes to your professionalism, kindness and warm heart. BEVS is lucky to have you as is the community you serve. Photos, videos and memories may be all that’s left, but she entered our lives with grace and exited with the same grace. Thank you for being here for this, your act of kindness with never be forgotten, Josie. We have comfort knowing that you are here in Vermont and deliver care for animals with such love & compassion, and we are thankful for that.

Fondly, Aaron, Larry, Daisy & Bleu

To all the folks at BEVS,

How can we thank you enough?! Each time we came in with Pilot for his treatment we felt your care & concern for his well being. You made his experience (& ours) as easy as possible and helped him feel comfortable with the visits. You were available by phone & email to answer our questions and keep us posted on progress. Pilot came through with flying colors thanks to you all. And thanks again for the parting goodies! The treats were devoured but he’s still loving his toys!

With gratitude,

Amey, Manny, Pilot

Thank you all for caring for Alexandria. I am so grateful for the time I had with her, thanks to everyone who helped her at BEVS.


Dear Dr. Harnett,

Thank you for all the help you gave us with Felix the cat this past year. We really appreciate all the time you took, both in the office and in the many phone calls we had in planning how to care for our cat. We will never forget thoughtfulness and kindness you showed us. Thank you for always being there-and your staff too.


Debbie & Mitch

We wanted to thank BEVS for everything they have done for our dog, Narley.  Narley encountered a Porcupine a few months ago and ended up with a ton of quills.  Two quills migrated and managed to puncture his lung.  With the help of BEVS, we had to get him to Tufts where he was in the ICU for 5 days after they had to remove about 30% of his lung.  He did so well during the surgery and returned home to recover.  We knew that the worst was behind, but that quills could possibly continue to surface over the next few months and it would be important to get them out if possible.  We have had to make lots of visits to BEVS since the surgery but they are finally slowing down!  Every time we have had to come in we have worked with the nicest vets who genuinely care about our dog’s recovery.  The staff at the front desk is always friendly, helpful, and attentive.  I often need to call for questions, and I appreciate the staff’s patience and kindness, and the fact that they all pretty much know Narley by now!  Narley is doing great and is back to his normal self, running around and playing with his friends!  This was certainly an unusual situation, and we’re so lucky that BEVS is around to make sure our dog stays healthy!  Thank you so much for everything and for caring so much about Narley!

Stephanie, Eddie, Narley and Koda

Dear Doctor Harnett and friends at BEVS,

Thank you for your card expressing sympathy for our loss of Chester.  Chester is missed terribly; the loss of his loving manner and sweet face leaves an empty space in our hearts.  He was truly a sweet boy and we have many memories with him; hiking the 4000 Footers in NH, camping when he’d get in the tent first to steal the air mattress and swimming at Texas Falls.  What a wonderful companion he was to us.

Please accept our deepest appreciation for the excellent care that was given to Chester and compassion that was given to us through such a difficult time.  We will always know that we did all we could and made the only decision possible.  Your support helped us get through the process and knowing that Chester left with people who loved him gives us comfort when we struggle through the hard times.

Thank you so much!


Patty and Mark

My boyfriend and I were at your facility on Saturday (9/15) with our yellow lab Macy. She was brought in because she was having trouble delivering her pups. The doctor that was there for us was Dr. Rachel Morgan. Macy delivered a total of 4 pups with only 2 surviving and as of today Macy and her pups are doing great and we are so thankful for that. We would like to thank all of your staff there that night but most importantly we would like to thank Dr. Morgan who was there for us, she went above and beyond with her kind and caring mannerism to make sure Macy and her pups were taken care of.. Thank you Dr. Morgan again for everything you did that night!


Shannon & Eric

Over the course of the past month I have had to bring my cat Rudy in for a couple of different issues. In addition, he was seen by your staff about 2 years ago for a possible episode of having a seizure. Fortunately Rudy is a wonderful patient. I want to let you know how much I appreciate all of the care you have provided for him and the sensitivity and kindness that has been shown towards me as well. It’s so hard to see your dear pet struggle with not feeling well even when they can’t tell you what is going on and are such troopers about their pain and discomfort. Rudy is very near and dear to me and it means a lot to know that you are there, day or night, weekends and holidays. Of course as it has turned out, each time Rudy has required emergency care it has been on a weekend and a major holiday (Easter Sunday). It would have been very difficult, and possibly life threatening, if we had not had BEVS to turn to. So, many thanks to Dr. Rachel Morgan who saw Rudy yesterday, and to all the other vets and techs who have been involved with his care. We are so glad you are there!



Just wanted to thank the staff from early last Saturday morning when I brought my poodle, Sparky, in for treatment after he ate chocolate.  He is doing just fine after a rough couple of days.

Thanks for your advice and caring.  Now the chocolate is in a container that he cannot get into!

He is back to work…


Culest & John

November 13, 2013

To Everyone at BEVS,

Debbie and I thank you all for the care you provided Buddy and also for the love you gave him.  Over the course of three years,  my “Little Boy” received care there he had some pretty rough times.  But, he always was made as comfortable as he could be and that goes for me as well.  We also want to thank you for the floral arrangement  seen in the picture at left.  Bud died in my arms right after giving me puppy kisses.


November 12, 2013

To BEVS, Especially Dr. Harnett, Katie & Michelle,

Thank you so much to everyone at BEVS, especially Dr. Harnett for providing us with guidance around Bruschi’s new and difficult new diagnoses, Katie for treating Bruschi and interacting with him the same way we do and understanding his huskyisms and Michelle for saving his life when he was in crisis, without you he wouldn’t be here today.  Everyone at BEVS was so helpful and supportive and was patient with the numerous daily phone [calls] we made to check-in on Bruschi and ask a million questions.  Also, thank you for continuing to be a support even recently, while home, when we weren’t sure about his symptoms and how to best treat him.  His diagnoses aren’t easy but with all the support and information we’ve been given we feel more confident in our ability to care for him and provide him with the best quality of life possible, especially now that we got a positive test result for MG.  We couldn’t be happier with the level of care he received at BEVS and if we have any serious issues in the future we won’t think twice about where to take our dogs.

Thank you again from all of us, 

Christine, Eric, Bruschi  and Layla

Greetings all,

Friday Coinin went for his two week at home check up. He is doing PHENOMENALLY well. He is playing and running and being a dog. He still has some trouble remember where his back legs need to go while he is running but he seems to make it work. His sister is thrilled beyond belief to have him home and to be able to play with her.

We want to thank you for all your hard work saving our miracle boy. We couldnt possibly be more grateful.

With great gratitude,

Ken and Deb

Dear BEVS Staff,

Thank you so much for you kind and sensitive care during Guinness’s recent illness. This was a very tough loss for us and your kindness made it a little easier. We’re committed to rescuing dogs in the future, although we’ll try to wait a while before adopting another. We hope we won’t need your services in the future, but knowing you’re there is a great comfort.

Thanks again-

Sally & Will

I just want to extend another thank you to the staff & especially, Dr. Josie Mallinckrodt at BEVS for the incredible care that was provided to my dog Benny.  Since we have returned home, Benny has seen two different doctors, who have commented on the difficult surgery & the quality of care he received while at BEVS.  Josie called every day for over a week to follow up on Benny’s status and continued to offer medical advice despite the fact that we had already returned home to Connecticut.  I have owned pets my entire life & have dealt with many veterinary offices & hospitals & have never experienced anything like the care that your staff provided.  Benny got his stitches out today & is happy to be back in his favorite spot on the sofa.  He is doing incredibly well & we are lucky to have him alive thanks to all of you.

Best Wishes,


Please share with everyone, this expression of LOVE & GRATITUDE for saving, repairing, and caring for our sweet girl Georgia.

BEVS was on the job long before our most recent visit.  You have always been there for us, 24/7 (people say that about their service, but you prove it true every time) therefore, when I saw Georgia crawling out from the sumac grove, bloody and scared, I already knew how to help her.  I taught Pet First Aid for a few years for the Red Cross so I followed the lesson plan and provided the “immediate and temporary care necessary to safely transport, to definitive and professional veterinary care, without causing additional harm”.  I quickly checked her wounds, carried her to the safe transport set up in my car, and yelled to my husband “CALL BEVS!!”

We headed directly to your hospital and as I’ve experienced it, your bulletproof trauma center.  Start to finish I was treated as an intelligent and emotional human being, and it was pointed out to me that BEVS understood that I too had experienced trauma.  A gurney was used to get Georgia inside, every one was focused, calm, so calm, professional, and ready to go. I approved the necessary things, first verbally (grateful to be trusted) and then in more detail during the cost estimation… which is a critical service, provided judgement free, and for me it was a first look at what you needed to do and could do to care for Georgia. I had no doubt that you were going to give her every chance for a life saving outcome. That’s exactly what you provided, along with all the kindness and care needed to keep her from experiencing additional trauma and for me, to make necessary decisions.

Everything from the car ride to the checkin at BEVS is a bit fuzzy, so I’m not sure if explained that my biological father and my step dad, died 6 days apart, the week of Christmas.  I’d stayed in Massachusetts for 6 weeks to care for my mother who took a fall after my dad’s funeral, and had become wheelchair bound. I’d been home (in VT) for just three days when it happened.  I was bringing my husband home after back surgery when Georgia got loose. I take full responsibility because I chose not to get her harnessed and hooked to her 50’ lead before I opened the front door. (She’s a bird dog happy to trade the invisible fence shock for flushing a woodcock.)  I was exhausted and made a bad decision.  The tears I shed at BEVS, while Georgia was in treatment, contained all the feelings of guilt, fear, sorrow, grief, exhaustion and anger that I’d been holding in, for so long. I knew that Georgia was in your care, that the smartest and best we’re on the case.  The subsequent release of responsibility to you for Georgia’s medical care and the private room and safety provided to me (with tissues) combined for the treatment I needed, to survive.  It’s amazing how often kindness and care for a pet, can be treatment for the person as well…. Who Rescued Who, Right?

I have so much more I’d like to say in praise of everyone there, about checking in and out, phone updates and update requests, a flowing cost estimation process, your facility, and all that stuff. I would but, you’re busy and somebody somewhere will need you any minute now.

With great regard and gratitude,

Roxane, John & Georgia Shuell
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