24/7 Emergency
(802) 863-2387

Like many veterinary hospitals across the country, here at BEVS we have seen a vast increase in cases since the beginning of the pandemic. We have implemented a triage system that prioritizes the most critical cases above those that are less urgent, which can sometimes lead to longer wait times.

We never want to turn your pets away in their time of need. But unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of very ill patients our veterinarians and technicians can care for.

If you think your pet needs emergency care, we ask that you ALWAYS call us at (802) 863-2387 before leaving your home. This helps us deliver more efficient care and communication.

  • We’ll discuss your pet’s condition and advise you about the true urgency of the problem. It’s possible that your pet would be better off resting at home until your primary care veterinarian can see them, rather than facing a long wait at our hospital.
  • If we do advise you to come in, we will let you know how long our current wait time is and what protocols you can expect when you arrive.
  • Finally, we can prepare our team for your pet’s arrival.

Sometimes due to the high number of critical patients in our hospital, we may need to advise you to seek care at another hospital. If that happens, we will provide you with a list of such hospitals. Let us reassure you that this decision was not made lightly and is not permanent.

We strongly recommend that you read our recent blog post, “What Is an Emergency – And What Is Not?” When your pet is hurting, it’s natural to want to get them better as soon as possible. But pets with signs of minor injuries or illnesses, such as a broken toenail, hot spot, or lameness, will always have to wait longer than pets with more urgent or life-threatening symptoms.

We know that these are challenging and uncertain times. We thank you for your patience, understanding, and compassion as we do our utmost to provide the best possible care to your pets.

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